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Making Repairs To An Asphalt Tennis Court

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If you help run your town's park, and you have a tennis court on the premises, you will most likely want to take steps to keep it in the best possible shape for anyone who wishes to pick up a game. An asphalt tennis court surface will eventually become prone to cracking, as it does not have the benefit of the weight of vehicles compacting the material it is made from. Here are some instructions to use in making repairs to a tennis court floor so it is remains safe for those using it.

Prepare The Job At Hand

Place a sign on the tennis court fence alerting park dwellers that there will be maintenance steps happening to improve the court. Keep the court closed until it is complete so no one becomes injured should they snag a foot in a crack in the floor. Walk back and forth over the court observing the asphalt for spots where lesser-seen cracks may be apparent so the entire court can be dealt with at one time. It is a good idea to bring along a diagram of the floor so you can mark areas in need of help so you can find them after you gather your repair materials.

Give The Court A Cleaning

Before you fill in cracks, a complete cleaning of the tennis court floor should be done. This will remove all debris from the areas you will be working and may uncover a few spots you did not see during your evaluation, allowing you to add them to your diagram. Use a pressure washer for the best results. This will wash away any crumbling asphalt from inside cracks so the void is exposed completely. Allow the court to dry for several hours before starting repair work.

Fill In The Cracked Portions

To repair the cracks, first fill them with small pieces of crushed gravel. Push these pieces into the crack as far as possible using a hard item like a screwdriver or hammer handle. After the gravel is tamped down, fill the remaining area with fine sand. This will drop in between the gravel pieces, completely filling in the crevice. Use an asphalt sealant to cover the sand. This is applied using a caulk gun. Make sure the entire crack is covered with the sealant, and use a putty knife to spread it over the sides of the crack, sealing the gravel and sand into place. Allow the sealant to harden completely before repainting your tennis court floor.