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Revitalizing An Old Asphalt Sidewalk

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If your home or business has an asphalt sidewalk running through your property, you most likely enjoy the convenience it provides in allowing you and your visitors to walk through your grounds on a smooth service. If your sidewalk is in need of repair after a winter of harsh conditions, you may be able to take on the project yourself with the proper tools. Here are some instructions to follow to repair and revitalize an old asphalt walkway on your own.

Take A Stroll To Find Damaged Portions Of The Sidewalk

Before starting repair work it is best to know how much of the sidewalk is in need of help. Take a walk down the walkway while making a point to evaluate the surface in detail as you take each step. Jot down notes so you will know which portions will need to be attended to after you buy your supplies. Consider drawing a diagram of the sidewalk and make markings on it showing where you will need to return to do your work. This will also help you prepare by knowing how much material you need to purchase to make the repairs effectively.

Fill In Any Cracked Or Crumbled Parts Of The Walkway

Use small pebbles or crushed pieces of gravel to fill in any parts of the sidewalk where a hole or crack is present. Push this into the crevice as far as possible and add more if necessary. Cover this stone with a rubberized cement made specifically for asphalt surfaces. This comes in a caulk tube form and can be squeezed into the top of the crevice with a caulk gun. After the cement is in place, spread it over the top of the asphalt surface using a putty knife.

Apply A Sealant To Protect And Add A Polished Appearance

When the cracks and crumbled parts of the sidewalk are filled in, they can be covered up so no one is aware there was a repair made at all. This can be done by adding sealcoating to the top of the asphalt. Sealcoating is applied using a special broom with bristles on one end and a squeegee on the other.

Spread the sealant over the surface of the sidewalk using the broom. The squeegee can then be used to even out the application to remove any lumps or indentations. The material will dry quickly so it is important to spread it as soon as it is applied to the surface. When the sealcoating hardens and dries, you will be left with a sidewalk with a dark, stunning appearance. It will also prolong the life of the sidewalk so repairs will not be needed to be made as frequently. For larger areas, it might be easier to hire an asphalt sealing service to do the work to ensure it looks good.