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3 Reasons To Utilize Asphalt For Your Driveway

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One of the most effective and useful paving materials for your driveway is asphalt, mostly because it can offer a lot of advantages over other paving materials, such as concrete. Listed below are three reasons to utilize asphalt instead of the alternatives for your driveway. 

Is Flexible

A major advantage that asphalt has over other paving materials is that it is very flexible, which allows it to resist damage. For example, if the ground under your driveway is settling or shifting, the asphalt driveway will simply flex with the motions and stay intact. In that same situation, concrete would be far more likely to crack when the ground shifts.

The flexibility of asphalt is also a fantastic option when it snows. The reason for this is that when snow or ice melts onto an asphalt surface, it will seep into asphalt. When that water refreezes as the temperature drops, the asphalt will not crack, but instead, flex and expand to accommodate the ice.

Absorbs Heat

Another reason to consider an asphalt driveway is that it will be able to absorb heat whenever the sunlight touches it. While this may not be a big deal during the summer, it is a great feature if you live in an area with especially cold winters.

Since the dark asphalt surface will be absorbing the sunlight that touches it, the whole surface will warm up and make clearing snow and ice from your driveway much easier. While this won't eliminate your shoveling and other winter driveway clearing chores, it will make them easier to deal with and less time-consuming.

Can Be Patched

Finally, one of the biggest advantages that asphalt has over the competition is that it can be easily repaired if it does become damaged over time. For example, if your asphalt driveway starts developing a crack, you can simply remove the crumbling asphalt and debris from the crack and utilize a patching kit from your local home improvement store to repair the crack in order to keep it from spreading.

However, if you use concrete for your driveway, patching any cracks isn't really an option. In most cases, you will have to tear the driveway up and replace the entire section that became damaged, which is very pricey and time-consuming.

Contact a company like Arrow Blacktop & Masonry Inc in order to discuss the many benefits that asphalt can provide. This type of material is ideal for use in your driveway because it is flexible, absorbs heat, and can be patched.