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Having Your Parking Lot Paved? Remember These Tips To Help You And Your Customers Be Prepared

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The parking area is an extension of your business building that deserves just as much attention as anything else. The fact is, the more well-kempt your parking area is, the better it will reflect on your business in the eyes of any customer. For this reason, it is best to have your parking area paved so that travel is smooth and easy and so that dusty gravel is not an issue. However, paving a parking lot is a major property project that does take some planning. If you are planning to have the parking area of your business paved, there are a few simple steps you should take to ensure that both you and your customers are prepared for the project.

Make plans for alternative parking arrangements.

It will be best if you can plan your paving project to take place after business hours, but if you are open pretty much all day every day of the week, this may not be a possibility. Instead of closing your business doors while the paving project is underway, consider making alternative parking arrangements. If there are areas where associates only are usually allowed to park, open these areas for your customers for parking. Get in touch with local businesses or parking structures and see if you can allow your customers to use their parking areas temporarily. 

Post signs and hand out flyers for your customers. 

If customers expecting to shop at your business show up and see an unexpected paving project taking place, they will likely just turn around and go somewhere else. However, if you let them know in advance that the store will remain open and there are other places to park if they need to stop by, they will be much more likely to continue to visit as usual in spite of the paving project that is taking place. Post signs on your door and around registers and even consider handing out flyers to keep your customers informed about the upcoming work. 

Plan to have your parking area paved a section at a time. 

If your parking area is especially large, it can be helpful to have only sections paved at one time. For example you could have the front area of your parking area paved one day and then the back area paved the next. This will leave you with a section of functional parking space available at all times. If there is no other parking in the area available, this is a great route to take. 

Contact a commercial paving company for more tips.