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3 Reasons You May Need An Excavator During Your Driveway Installation

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When you envision having a paved driveway installed at your home or on your property, you probably think of paving equipment and relative contractors. However, there is one other part of the driveway installation process that may be necessary and that is excavation. An excavation service has the equipment needed to dig into the ground for whatever purpose, which is sometimes something that has to happen during driveway installation. Take a look at the three reasons why you may need an excavation service, such as L. N. Rothberg & Son Inc, when you choose to have a paved driveway installed on your property. 

The ground where the driveway will go does not have a solid enough surface to support it. 

In some areas, the upper layers of the ground are too loosely compromised to support the heft of a paved driveway. This can be because ground moisture in the area is too high, there is a high concentration of lightweight materials in the upper layers, and other reasons relative to the surrounding environment. In these situations, an excavator will have to take off those upper layers to get down to a more stable ground that is capable of supporting the weight of the new driveway. 

Your planned driveway will be installed in an area that would be prone to flooding. 

If your driveway is installed in an area where high amounts of rain are an issue, it cannot be installed on a completely flat surface and must instead be slightly sloped to encourage natural runoff of rainfall. If this is the case on your property, a certain level of grading will have to be done to create a sloped ground surface to give the driveway the same grade that can encourage water to run off of the paved surface instead of standing on it. 

there are large tree root systems in the way that could cause problems for your driveway down the road. 

Before a paved driveway can be installed, it is crucial that the ground beneath be level and perfectly prepared. Tree root systems that grow in this area can be a threat to the well-being of the pavement once it is installed, so they do sometimes have to be removed. If teh root systems are large or really deep, the only logical way to get them out of the way is through excavation. Through this process, the excavator will dig down to retrieve sections of tree roots so there is no danger of them growing larger and into the pavement.