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Laying Asphalt Over A Concrete Surface: Get Answers To The Questions You Have

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If you have a concrete surface, such as a driveway, that is cracking, you may be looking at your options for repairing or replacing the concrete surface. One of the options is concrete patching, but this only helps if a small area is in need of repair. Another option is to remove and replace the entire concrete surface, but this is pricey. The final option is to lay a thin layer of asphalt over the concrete surface. Most people do not realize that this is an option and may have questions when they hear about it. Here are a couple of the questions you may have, as well as the answers. 

Can Asphalt Be Laid Over Any Concrete Surface?

No. Your concrete surface must be stable in order for concrete to be placed on top of it. If the concrete surface is sinking in certain spots or is eroding away, it is not stable. You cannot lay asphalt over concrete in this situation because the concrete surface will continue to sink and erode, which in turn will cause your asphalt surface to sink right along with it. Asphalt can be used to cover concrete with surface imperfections, such as cracks and stains, but not structural problems, such as sinking. 

What Are the Benefits Of Laying Asphalt Over Concrete?

The second question you may have is what are the benefits of laying asphalt over concrete. The biggest benefit of laying asphalt over concrete is the cost. If your concrete surface has multiple cracks in it, repairing it may not be an option. This leaves you with one of two options. You can remove the entire concrete surface, which involves jackhammering away the concrete surface, removing the stone, and then laying a new concrete surface, or you can cover the concrete surface in a thin layer of asphalt. Covering the concrete with asphalt is significantly cheaper, requires less labor, and is faster compared to removing a concrete surface and placing a new one. 

Does Asphalt Placed Over Concrete Require More Maintenance?

The last question you may have is whether asphalt that is placed over concrete requires more care or maintenance. When asphalt is placed over concrete, it does need to be sealed to prevent water from seeping through the asphalt and into the concrete. As such, asphalt placed over concrete requires the same level of care and maintenance as asphalt that is laid over a dirt foundation or base. 

Are you looking to lay asphalt over an existing concrete surface? Then contact an asphalt paving company like Mariotti Site Development Co Inc today. They can take a look at your concrete surface and determine whether asphalt can be laid on top of it or not. From there, they can provide you with an estimate.