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Working With A Paving Contractor To Pave Your Parking Area

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The parking area around your business is essential if you have retail or commercial clients coming and going regularly. If a lot is in disrepair or is hard to navigate because it is not well laid out, it can be frustrating for visitors to the property. Hiring commercial paving services to pave the lot can create a considerable improvement for your business.

Parking Lot Preparation

Parking lot paving is excellent if the ground under asphalt is stable and adequately prepared to support the pavement. If there is a lot of water in the soil where the lot is going to be, you may need to have drains put in before any parking lot paving begins.

The paving contractor may be able to put the drains in for you, but if not, you will need to have a contractor to do that before the pavers start leveling and compacting the ground that the lot will sit on. In most cases, some properly placed drain tile will allow the water to run off and protect the soil under the parking area. 

If you go ahead with parking lot paving but do not deal with water issues, the soil under the lot will eventually erode, and the parking area can develop sinkholes on the surface. Repairing a sinkhole can be expensive, and if it can be avoided, taking a little extra time to prep the ground could save you money and frustration in the future.

Paving the Lot

Once the contractor is ready to start the parking lot paving, you will need to work with them to close off sections of the lot they are working in. If the parking lot is small and they can pave the entire area in one day, you may need to close the parking lot for the day. 

Once the entire lot is paved and rolled, the surface is typically okay to drive on, but talk to your paving contractor before opening the lot. The asphalt will cool quickly, and the roller that most commercial paving services use will compress the pavement and create a durable surface.

The paving contractor will most likely start the parking lot paving in the area farthest away from your business and work their way to the building. Often, there is less traffic away from the building, but once the paving starts near the building, you will need to bear with the contractor while they work to finish the area.