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3 Signs Your Concrete Needs Urgent Repair

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If you have a concrete parking lot for your business, it is your responsibility to keep that parking lot in the best condition possible. You need to be aware of signs that your concrete parking lot is in urgent need of repairs.

Sign #1: Cracks Are Starting to Appear

The first sign that your concrete parking lot is in need of repairs is the appearance of cracks. Cracks occur on concrete surfaces due to the soil under the concrete expanding and contracting. Other circumstances, such as de-icing salt and oil or gas leaks, can make cracks even worse by weakening the concrete around the crack. Once a crack develops, water can get inside of the crack and push the crack to expand even more as the water freezes and expands.

A small hairline crack can be easily addressed with a patch by a professional concrete service. A really long, wide, or deep crack may require the professional concrete service to take more serious intervention actions.

Sign #2: Appearance of Potholes

The second sign that your concrete is in need of urgent repairs is the appearance of potholes. The same circumstances that lead to cracks lead to potholes – the ground underneath the concrete expanding and contracting.

Potholes are also often driven by the presence of constant traffic, which weakens the structural integrity of your concrete. That is why you seem potholes near the entrance to your parking lot, where there is a lot of traffic, and not along the outer edges of your parking lot.

Potholes can be filled, but to permanently fix the pothole, a concrete service generally needs to remove that section of concrete and pour a new layer.

Sign #3: Uneven Surface

When your concrete was poured originally, the contractors took the time to make sure the surface was flat and even. Over time, the surface of your concrete may start to take on an uneven look, with unexplained slopes and dips in your concrete.

These unexplained slopes and dips require immediate action just like cracks and potholes. Slopes and dips mean that your concrete is on its way to breaking apart. A concrete service can put on a new topcoat to protect the underlying structure, or they can put down a new concrete parking lot.

If your concrete parking lot has cracks, potholes, or an uneven surface, you need to call in a concrete repair service to take care of your parking lot right away. A concrete repair service can make repairs to your concrete and potentially save you from having to put down an entirely new concrete surface.

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