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Signs You Need To Repair Your Parking Lot Paving

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A well-maintained parking lot creates that great first impression about your business. Unappealing parking areas don't look professional, and they make your business premises look unkempt. Additionally, cracked pavements can harm your car tires and those of your clients. For these reasons, you need to determine when to do parking lot paving repair. Don't postpone repairs as your parking lot may encounter more damages that can force you to get new paving, which comes at a higher cost. Look out for these signs to help you perform timely parking area repairs saving you cash and time. 


The most common parking lot paving materials are concrete and asphalt. On average, asphalt paving can last for about 35 years, while concrete paving lasts for up to 50 years. As these materials age, the paving may crack due to exposure to harsh weather. For instance, environmental factors such as flooding, extreme temperatures, and snow cause the paving to expand and contract rapidly, leading to cracks. You can detect tiny cracks early and fill or seal them. However, delayed repairs can lead to the formation of extensive cracks. If this happens, you may have to remove the entire paving and lay another one.


Potholes are a safety risk in your parking lot. For instance, when vehicles hit the potholes at high speed, the car tires can tear, causing the vehicle to lose control. And, repairing your vehicle comes at an extra cost. Pothole formation begins when the soil under the paving expands and contracts. The sudden expansion and contraction form paving cracks, through which water seeps and settles underneath the paving. During cold weather, the water forms ice. When warm weather sets in, the ice melts, resulting in a void. The potholes form when the paving material over the hole crumbles into the void. When you notice potholes, contact a parking lot repair expert to fill them up.

Water Pools

If you notice that water pools are forming in your parking lot after a heavy downpour, this sign means that you have an unlevelled pavement surface. The water pools could mean that your parking lot drainage has a problem. Parking lot repair services can quickly inspect your drainage and level up the paving to ensure that the excess water channels away from your parking lot.

The presence of cracks, pools of water, and potholes at your parking lot are signs that your parking lot pavement needs repair. The right parking lot repair services will help you rebuild your parking lot paving and give the parking lot that much-needed new look.

Reach out to a local parking lot paving service today for more information.