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Asphalt Services Your Church Parking Lot May Need

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It's important to keep the parking lot on your church grounds in good condition for the safety of those visiting your church and to keep your property looking like it is well kept. This could mean you'll need regular services from an asphalt contractor since asphalt fades and cracks over time. Here are some asphalt services you may need to keep your parking lot in its best condition.

Fill In Cracks

Cracks need to be filled in because they allow rain to get under the asphalt. That leads to worsening damage, and the cracks might eventually turn into potholes. Another reason cracks need to be filled is for safety. Someone could catch the toe or heel of their shoe on a crack and trip. You don't want to be responsible for an elderly person falling and breaking a hip.

Filling cracks is easy to do when they're small since applying crack filler might be all it takes. Larger cracks may require cold patching to fill the crack and seal it.

Coat The Surface

One of the asphalt services you may need every few years is sealcoating. This is a protective coating that's applied to the surface of your parking lot to protect it from deterioration. The coating deteriorates instead, but the asphalt underneath stays protected from rain and UV exposure.

Another benefit of this asphalt service is that it keeps your parking lot a dark color by covering up faded asphalt that makes your parking lot look neglected. If you have activity in your church building all week, the contractor can coat the lot in sections so there is still room to park while the work is being done.

Resurface The Asphalt

At some point, you might need to resurface your asphalt parking lot. If the base under the lot is still in good shape, but the asphalt is showing its age, resurfacing might be a good solution. This involves grinding off a small layer of the lot and then pouring on new asphalt. Your parking lot will look new, but resurfacing is much less expensive than having a new parking lot put in.

Resurfacing can extend the life of your parking lot so you can postpone paying for an entirely new lot for several more years. Plus, resurfacing fills in small cracks and restores the dark color so your lot has an attractive appearance once again and no longer looks old and worn out.

In addition to these asphalt services, you may want to have an inspection done once a year or so. This helps you find damage early, when it is less costly to repair. If you keep up with parking lot maintenance and repairs, your lot will be safer and more attractive, and it will have a longer life.