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Need To Install A New Parking Lot For Your Business? How The Installation Process Works

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The parking lot is the first thing and the last thing a customer sees when they visit your business. Because of this, you need to ensure it looks great and is in good condition. If your parking lot is getting older and has a lot of damage, it is time to install a new one. To do this, you need to hire a commercial paving services company. Below are some steps they take to get your new parking lot installed. 

Prepare for New Parking Lot

The commercial paving services company will get all the permits that are needed to install your new parking lot. They will also contact the local utility company as they will need to mark where water lines are buried. The contractor may also wait until after you get a good rain as this will allow them to see if there is any standing water on the parking lot. If there is, this is a sign the sub-base will need to be repaired before the new parking lot can be installed. 

Remove Old Parking Lot

The next step in the process is removing existing asphalt from the parking lot. They remove enough asphalt until they reach the subgrade layer. If not enough asphalt is removed, this can cause the new parking lot to become weak and sustain damage much easier. If the subgrade layer is not in good condition, it will also be removed and replaced with new aggregate. 

Install Sub-Base

The next step in the process of installing a new parking lot is installing the sub-base. This is important as the base needs to be stable to handle the new asphalt that is going to be poured. If the sub-base is weak, the new asphalt will not be stable and will sustain damage much faster, such as cracks in the asphalt. It is also important that the sub-base has the right pitch so there will not be any standing water on the parking lot after it rains.  

Pour the Asphalt

The contractor will now pour the new asphalt for your parking lot. In most cases, the hot asphalt mix is placed in a dump truck to bring to your site. The asphalt is then placed into a paving machine and poured onto the site. As the asphalt is being poured it is constantly monitored to ensure it is consistent and even.  

Once the new parking lot is installed and is completely dry, you need to hire a company to install the parking lot lines. This will clearly show where your customers need to park their cars. For more information on parking lot paving, contact a professional near you.