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Residential Asphalt Paving Contractors: Sealing And Maintaining

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Many homeowners have re-paved dated driveways, walkways, and patios with decorative pavers. Although pavers can be equally stylish and durable, pavers require proper sealing and periodic maintenance. Here are some steps to take when sealing and maintaining asphalt or pavers:  Sealing A thin coat of sealant can protect asphalt and pavers from moisture permeation and UV damage. When installing fresh asphalt or pavers, adding appropriate sealant is a must. Setting: for optimal results, sealant must be applied carefully. Read More»

Asphalt Sealcoating: Top 4 Reasons Why It's Beneficial For Your Home Or Business Driveway

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If there is damage to your asphalt driveway, the cost of repairs can sometimes be high, depending on the kind of destruction you’re facing. Fortunately, you can cut the cost of repairs by sealing and coating your asphalt pavement. This process entails applying a special asphalt sealer to the driveway to prevent it from being damaged by the elements. Besides improving your driveway’s structural integrity, it’ll also enhance its visual appeal. Read More»